About Teaching /learning, by Didier Brot

  It is a noble task to be able to transmit one's knowledge, one's perception of the world through pictorial art and especially watercolor. But too often and far too quickly we forget that there are rules in Art. Not necessarily artistic rules but natural laws which govern elements such as our medium, paper, colors and also and above all the hydrology of water; its behavior in brushes, on and in supports, etc. Painting with watercolors requires as much knowledge and tecnical mastery, requires as much learning as any other art; music, sculpture, or any other activity such as foreign languages, mathematics or a particular sport. The professor, the teacher must therefore be in total control of the TECHNIQUE of his Art. Not just the artistic mastery which is peculiar to him and which leads to his style. But also in the total analytical control of what happens when he executes. This in order to be able to explain it to his students and not just show it! A real teacher is one who goe


Mona Omrani is a well-known artist living in Madrid, and running her family school there. She started as a teenager already, following the steps of her mother, who was an artist and teacher and transmitted her all the skills she now uses. For her, she’s the best role model and inspiration. They always teach in a family environment to make students feel comfortable. They can choose their own subject at their own rhythm, but there’s a general training in drawing and watercolour. The school continues today with the same methodology, which is very successful for the students who end up with their personal exhibitions.   The students learn in a very warm atmosphere becoming good friends and sharing exhibitions, as well as classes. They feel in a protected environment with a close relationship with their teachers: they don’t feel embarrassed to make mistakes in front of their mates as acceptance is a big priority. They would like to see their students grow internationally, as they give m


The objective of this forum is to reflect on the importance of teaching and learning watercolor for life. It is a place to share and highlight the vision of different schools and teaching strategies; to inspire teachers and motivate the creation of new educational institutions around the world. Here we propose a debate about the evolution and meaning of teaching, both academic and traditional languages as well as alternative and disruptive ones. Vladimir, Angela and Didier